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As Covid-19 restrictions ease I am preparing to restart live classes. Please contact me for more information.

Class numbers are massively reduced in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The classes will run with 4/5 participants and I will continue to live stream the class via Zoom (don't worry I am the only one in the shot and no-one will see you).


Health and safety policy from June 2021

Studio guidelines

Access to building

Clients advised to wait outside front door maintaining social distance. I will call them all in at the start time of their class. This is to avoid client congregation and overlap in the smaller corridors and communal areas. 


Arriving for class

Advise clients to arrive on time to avoid congregation outside building


Minimising traffic through building

I will greet all clients at the front door, checking that no other therapists are in the corridor to minimise contact. This will avoid client contact with door handles. I will also show them out of the front door on exit. Instructors, and therapists, will therefore be the only contact with door handles.



Clients must pre book classes and pay me directly via Bacs. Cash will be accepted but other methods are preferred.


Adhering to social distancing guidelines

Max number of participants (4/5 people) with 2m distance between mats)

Risk to Teacher

Ensuring clients are not showing signs of Covid-19

Advising students to not attend if they show any signs of cold/flu like symptoms. If students show sign off of being unwell they will asked to leave.


Post treatment information - protocol 

Request students notify you if they start to show symptoms of Covid-19 within 5 days of attending a class.

Advise students that they will notified if you start to experience symptoms in the next five days 

Infection control measures 

Hand washing/ cleaning between classes

Teacher: wash hands on entering and leaving TWS and between classes.

Student: requested to wash hands /use sanitiser provided on entering and leaving TWS 

Posters: Clear posters for hand hygiene in bathroom and receptions on ‘how to hand wash’ / 'how to hand rub’

Equipment Use

Students to bring their own mats/equipment. Students to arrive changed and ready to participate, keeping personal belonging to a minimum (these can be placed on the floor at the back of the mat). Changing room will not be in use.



Classes staggered 15 minutes apart to allow for ventilation and thorough cleaning of floors and surfaces before and after each class.

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